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Ade Komaludin, Dwi Hastuti L.K., Pipih Sulistiawati

Jurusan Ekonomi Pembangunan Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Siliwangi




Export is a process of economical and commercial relationship between countries or internationally by selling goods and service aimed to gain profits. In this research, Oil Export and Non Oil Export variables are used as dependent variables while the Macro economy variables affecting them (Gross Domestic Product/PDB, SBI Interest, Customer Price Index/IHK and Exchange Rate) are used as independent variables.

According to the above mentioned, a research has been conducted with a title: “The Comparative Analysis of The Sensitivity of Oil and Non Oil Exports towards Indonesia’s Macro Economy Variables in The Period 1994-2005.” The purpose of the research is to analyze the connection among several macro economy variables (Gross Domestic Product/PDB, SBI Interest, Customer Price Index/IHK and Exchange Rate) on the oil and non oil export demand in Indonesia.

The research method used by the author is descriptive method using econometrics model and tested by some regression analysis means. The statistics calculation uses determination coefficient formulation, t test, F test, autocorrelation test (Durbin-Watson) using the subsidiary calculation means of Eviews 3.0 for Windows.

The result of this study showed that the reality occurred in Indonesia during the research period was that Oil and Non Oil export demand was extremely influenced by several macro economy variables. The result of statistical t test showed that, partially, Gross Domestic Product/PDB, SBI Interest, Customer Price Index/IHK and Exchange Rate was significantly influential towards Oil and Non Oil Export demand in Indonesia. The result of comparative analysis for Oil and Non Oil Export demand concluded the followings: Non Oil Export has better result than Oil Export. However, the mean growth percentage of Non Oil Export tends to be slower compared to that of Oil Export annually, while Oil Export has smaller volume than Non Oil Export, yet the growth percentage of Oil Export is much bigger and relatively constant year by year.


Keyword: Oil Export, Non Oil Export,Gross Domestic Product, SBI Interest, Customer Price Index/IHK, Exchange


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